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    Information title Release Date
   Air-conditioning ventilation pipe, plastic air duct 2012-09-19
   High temperature resistant transparent air duct , high temperature resistant air duct 2012-09-19
   High temperature resistant air duct, drain high temperature resistant hose applications 2012-09-18
   Shenzhen's nuorui hose co., LTD., specializing in the production of high temperature resistant air 2012-09-18
   Polyurethane exhaust duct, polyurethane aluminum foil duct,air duct, polyurethane ventilation tube 2012-09-17
   High-temperature smoke exhaust pipe,air duct ,air hose external clamp type structure wear resista 2012-09-17
   High temperature resistant air duct, resistance to high temperature expansion pipe as exhaust gas tu 2012-09-13
   High temperature resistant air duct, resistance to high temperature expansion pipe 2012-09-13
   fire retardant hose, fire retardant ventilation tube, air duct application 2012-09-12
   air duct Application and air duct Characteristic 2012-09-12
   Fire ventilation pipe, heat pipe, air duct flame retardant conform to the DIN4102 - B1 2012-09-11
   High temperature resistant , heat-resisting air duct can be long-term high temperature 2012-09-11
   Silica gel wire food hose wall smooth, can withstand acid-base cleaning and steam disinfection 2012-09-10
   Wire enhance air duct meet fda the authentication, meet the usp pharmaceutical grade requirements 2012-09-10
   Food grade hose, food hose except for food delivery, the same also applies to improve the fluid 2012-09-08
   noss liquor with food hose conform to the FDA, the USDA, 3A health standards 2012-09-08
   Food hose, food grade silicone tube wall smooth, qualitative light, strong and very soft 2012-09-07
   Stainless steel food hose, food with stainless steel food hose 2012-09-07
   Food hose with polyurethane materials as the matrix, as transport food of high quality food grade 2012-09-06
   Food hose, food grade silicone tube has five features 2012-09-06
   No plasticizer food hose, without plasticizer food tube 2012-09-05
   food hose can be used for all kinds of food/potable water and transmission 2012-09-05
   Drink fruit juice wine food hose through the FDA food grade the authentication 2012-09-04
   Food and liquid food (including grease food) suction and conveying food hose 2012-09-04
   Non-toxic tasteless clustering Ann ester food hose, clustering Ann ester food hose 2012-09-03
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